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!!..Improv Club..??

Hey Guys & Gals!!

Andrea here with a friendly little idea for next year's Theatre Society!
I recall that around the end of the school year last year somma' my theatre friends were talking about possibly forming an Improvisation Club to meet weekly or biweekly. So if we started something like that, which of my little live journal-ing kiddies here would come?

I think it would be an excellent idea to start building some strong bonds and just generally make friends (not to mention have fun!). I'm sure newcomers to Theatre would love to have an environment that's so easy-going and relaxing. Auditions can seem such an extremely tense place when they're surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Even people that are already acquainted could stand to get a little bit closer. It'll build up some chemistry(!!).

And it's also an unthreatening way to get some practice and experience. And to watch some of our lovely seasoned performers do they' thang is always an inspiring experience, and also to allow the Freshies, etc. to work with them would also be a VERY neat thing for them. So I was thinking maybe warm-up, and then we could do some 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' type skit-stuff, and maybe some theatre games. Get some general craziness running. I think it would be both awesome an' fun as well as beneficial! ;)


P.S. At The End Of The Week Check The Website!
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i remember that!

i was gonna be president and lizzy was gonna be the vice. and we were gonna kick butt.

and it all started with evening with santa rehearsals, because that was hilarious.

Andrea, you're right on target. The officers have planned improvisation nights for the Theatre Society. The first one will be the night of the first meeting, which is August 15th, from 7-8 in the theatre. We will be having more than one improv night, I assure you, but the plans have yet to be confirmed as to how many and when. We'll keep you posted. Just keep up your attendance at meetings, folks, and keep checking the website as it will be an auxillary callboard.
Yours in Service,
Kyle Guglielmo