we could kill everyone

kiss me kate cast....

superficiallaugh: don't

superficiallaugh: i'm so tired of the drama

people who aren't even involved in this show are getting sick of all this shit and this drama. that's sad. i know we're in the department, but all this drama is just sad. and we don't have time for it. there's only 22 days left for until the show, which in theatre terms is not much time at all.

kiss me kate cast. i'm getting really sick of everyone's attitude about this production. there are a lot of people who are trash talking it and are "pissed" and "concerned" about how "bad" it is. and to be honest, it does suck right now, and i'm worried myself, but sittin' there bitching about it ISN"T GONG TO MAKE IT BETTER!!! and i'm tired of this "high and mighty" attitude some of you have. i DON"T CARE how many shows you've been in or if you think you're better then anyone in the cast. you're not above the show , you're no god and your shit does stink. it's actually the people that KNOW BETTER and that i've seen in shows before that i'm having the most trouble with. and none of you are above this show, if you think you are the leave it, because i don't want you there, it's a waste of your time and my time. it comes down to this basic rule of life. this is the golden rule to theatre and pretty much everything else you'll ever do in life:


a show is only as good as you,personally, make it. that means put in some effort, and if you don't care about it either stop doing it or fake caring.

there are two things to make a show good; 1 ) your attitude 2) discipline. this means that you have to go to it with the right attitude. STOP YOUR COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! if this cast spent half the time working on their lines or scenes together as they do complaining then the show would be amazing. and if you say something is going to suck or you think it's going to suck or you just don't care then it will suck. so be more positive about it and start putting forth effort. as far a discipline, my yelling at you guys and making you do push-ups/pay a dollar is for a reason. i'm not doing it because i'm just a bitch or i'm on a power trip, i'm doing it for you're own good. i gave up my part in this to stage manage because dr.j couldn't find anyone (and had seen be stage manage before) and the show would've fallen apart. i've stage managed before, i've been in shows before, i've seen a lot of plays, directed, i mostly act but i've done a lot of other things for shows .. i know what looks good and what doesn't and what works and what doesn't. i have a reason for everything i yell at you for if you know it or not. i can only go so far, you have to have self discipline which will come with caring. and if you don't care then leave the show.

stop talking EVERYTIME there is a measure of rest!! we have a very large cast, it started with 35 and is now down only a couple of people. as far as highschool shows a 35 member cast is really really large. that means that you can't waste time and talk. there's too many of you to be having little conversations all the time. if you stoped talking so damn much we'd get a lot more done during rehearsals and the show would suck a lot less.

bottom line, i don't want to be embarrased.. so straighten up your act or get out of the cast. because it doesn't matter to me if you leave the cast. and if people don't start taking this seriously and putting effort into it then i'm going to start kicking people off the cast. i'm not playing favorites in this show. i'm sorry if it makes me a bitch, but i don't care if you're my bestfriend, if you're not doing your job i'll handel it the same way i would anyone else. so don't expect any special treatment. i may love you sooo much in life, but i'm still going to be "hitler" to you during the show. i started to be nice for the show, but that didn't work. so i will be hitler to you when i need to. during breaks and at cast bonding stuff i'll be normal nice loving self. but not for the show.

i will not hesitate to beat you with your own shoe !

we could kill everyone

am i the only one that uses this ?

lahkittiebutsud: how i don't really fit there so maybe after this show i'll just stick with my friends
blahkittiebutsud: but i would hate to not have theatre be a part of my life
VanotherdeadcowV: ya
blahkittiebutsud: like, not be able to just hear the sound of my feet on the stage, but i just.. i dunno, it prolly sounds dumb but i never feel like i fit with the people there
VanotherdeadcowV: sure u do
blahkittiebutsud: really or you just saying that?
VanotherdeadcowV: no
blahkittiebutsud: i never really goof off and act all hyper like myself around most of the theatre geeks
blahkittiebutsud: heh, thanks
VanotherdeadcowV: everyone goes through this...if u truly feel u dont fit then drop it but i love it
VanotherdeadcowV: and i love my rose!
blahkittiebutsud: heh, i love you too
VanotherdeadcowV: O:-)
blahkittiebutsud: and this whole stage manager thing. i'm not doing the job i normally do. like i'm normally a pretty good stage manager, and like i yell a lot at stuff. but for some reason it's just not fitting together with this show
blahkittiebutsud: like, no one listens to me
VanotherdeadcowV: because ur to soft
blahkittiebutsud: i dunno, i'll be over this in a few days
VanotherdeadcowV: start yelling
blahkittiebutsud: yeah, that's what i figured
blahkittiebutsud: but i've never been soft before, just this one show
VanotherdeadcowV: ya

basically i'm going to start being the bitch i normally am when i stage manage.
we could kill everyone

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i'm still stage manager for Kiss Me Kate. the reason i was out yesterday is because i spent half of the day in the hospital then was ordered to not move for the rest of the day. when i explained this to dr.j she understood. i've only missed two rehearsals where dr.j did not personally tell me i could leave, that includes yesterday and the day i was told it was just for music and that i didn't need to be there. so, yes, i'm still stage manager.
we could kill everyone

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hey guys, it's rose, i was just postin' to say hi. i got a new cell phone this weekend :D, sooo happy about it.

p.s.- when does 12 angry juror rehearsal end tues?