aurora (blahbutsud) wrote in chhsdrama,

am i the only one that uses this ?

lahkittiebutsud: how i don't really fit there so maybe after this show i'll just stick with my friends
blahkittiebutsud: but i would hate to not have theatre be a part of my life
VanotherdeadcowV: ya
blahkittiebutsud: like, not be able to just hear the sound of my feet on the stage, but i just.. i dunno, it prolly sounds dumb but i never feel like i fit with the people there
VanotherdeadcowV: sure u do
blahkittiebutsud: really or you just saying that?
VanotherdeadcowV: no
blahkittiebutsud: i never really goof off and act all hyper like myself around most of the theatre geeks
blahkittiebutsud: heh, thanks
VanotherdeadcowV: everyone goes through this...if u truly feel u dont fit then drop it but i love it
VanotherdeadcowV: and i love my rose!
blahkittiebutsud: heh, i love you too
VanotherdeadcowV: O:-)
blahkittiebutsud: and this whole stage manager thing. i'm not doing the job i normally do. like i'm normally a pretty good stage manager, and like i yell a lot at stuff. but for some reason it's just not fitting together with this show
blahkittiebutsud: like, no one listens to me
VanotherdeadcowV: because ur to soft
blahkittiebutsud: i dunno, i'll be over this in a few days
VanotherdeadcowV: start yelling
blahkittiebutsud: yeah, that's what i figured
blahkittiebutsud: but i've never been soft before, just this one show
VanotherdeadcowV: ya

basically i'm going to start being the bitch i normally am when i stage manage.
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