The Caped Man at Dusk (shockingalberto) wrote in chhsdrama,
The Caped Man at Dusk


Theatre has kind of hit a lull, hasn't it? Joseph's almost over, and it will be the last play of the semester. What can you do until next semester, you ask? Well, look forward to Coffeehouse!

Ever wanted to prove your greatness with that one song you wrote, but never had occcasion to use? Think that monolouge you found will impress everyone? Want to just perform something for fun? Coffeehouse is your perfect outlet. It's your choice what you want to do. Show them Collins Hill is the most artistic school in the state. ;)

You can sign up for Coffeehouse outside of Mrs. Spaugh's room (2.111). It will be held Friday, December 13th at Something's Brewin'. Be sure to sign up! If you don't, it might not happen, and you don't want to ruin it for everyone else, do you?

-- Imran
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